For Our Pet Owners

2016-04-30 17.31.18We welcome our guest with their four legged babies,  but we have a few rules our pet owners must follow.20160817_202448

All pets must be under control and on a leash, NO LONGER THAN 6 FT., at all times while outside your RV. A dog walk area is provided, please walk your dogs in THIS AREA. Do not walk your dog through other guest camp sites or along the creek bank.

We have a fenced in run & play area where dogs may be let off their leash to play and exercise. We ask you clean up the area and dispose of all waste in the receptacle provided.  We have a designated dog walk area with pet waste bags and several disposal receptacles, please use the bags to clean up after your pets.

We DO NOT allow pets inside the cabins, rec hall, office building, bathhouse, or laundry area. No pets staked outside or tied to trees. No dog cages or pens. No more than 3 dogs are allowed at a site. We DO NOT allow pit-bulls, rottweilers, dobermans, German shepherds or aggressive breed dogs.  Please respect other guest and do not allow your dog to bark excessively and keep pets out of flower beds. No washing of pet beds or blankets in our washing machines.

No pets allowed at events or in the picnic area.

We look forward to having you and your fur babies stay with us at Creekwood Farm RV Park.2016-04-30 17.31.50                  pooper scooper