Get to Know Us

We are very proud of our work campers and the fabulous jobs they all do at CREEKWOOD FARM RV PARK. It takes a team to make our park the success that it is, and we want to share all about us with you.

Our 5th work camper is new to the work camping life, yet he is very experienced and versatile in many factors. Meet “Russ”………..                        Charles Russell Wood was born on June 2, 1965 and grew up in the midlands of South Carolina. He attended high school in Orangeburg, SC. He joined the army and served from 84 through 87 working in the telecommunications arena. After the army he did a number of things, retail management, bodyguard, bouncer etc. but his dream was to be on the radio. A chance meeting with a station manager, and a statement he made of “You can’t run your business without me” led to 27.5 years in broadcasting. His formats varied from rock, classic rock, alternative, country and R&B. Besides on air performance’s he specialized in commercial writing, production and other voiceover aspects to include character development, accents and dialects. He has a voice that can read the phone book. Russ is married to Stacey (Yon) from Aiken SC. They met on line in 2007 and were married in Pigeon Forge TN in 2008, by a biker preacher. Russ describes Stacey as his “hero & shield maiden” because she saved his life by dragging him away from a career that was killing him. Stacey is an RN, serving as a travel nurse. They have a son, Brett and a daughter, Abbie Grace, and expecting their first grandson in November. Russ said “For decades my hobby was my career and my career was my hobby, now I do things for enjoyment, which is a new challenge”. Russ can draw, paint, act, sing, juggle, knit and tools around on cigar box guitars among other things. Russ is currently focusing on his “Second Act” in life, pursuing a second career in acting. He is a Viking, DNA testing showed 42% of his ancestry from Scandinavian countries with 28% Irish from areas directly settled by the Norse, hence his nickname “Viking Dad.” In his acting roles he has embodied the characters of Jesus, Lennie in “Of Mice and Men” Santa Claus, and the Wizard of Oz, as well as 17 Shakespearean characters in one play! When asked what his favorite food is, the answer was versatile, “I have varied tastes, just about all forms of cuisine appeal to me.” “Ice cold water and oolong tea are my favorite drinks, along with a good single malt scotch or an ice cold beer”. In cooking he will take on anything he can master, Asian foods, Italian, French, Mediterranean his list is endless. He has rappelled face down, Australian style from a chopper, walked a mile in high heels to raise awareness against domestic violence. He won a drag queen beauty contest on a cruise ship. He has mooned a Russian battleship during a military exercise, downed steins of beer in Munich during Oktoberfest and swam in a rainforest waterfall. He has performed and sang on stage in front of thousands, free dived for langoustine lobsters in Puerto Rico and has lost 122 lbs. He just finished an acting role as the great and powerful Oz on the Wizard of Oz train in Bryson City NC. Russ said “As I look back on my life and catalog it, I’m apprehensive about sharing. I have lived a life some envy, others may hate, but I’ve never shied away from adventure or danger. Russ said he has never truly taken a vacation and he is not a fan of the beach. Being a “Viking” and growing up just 2 hours from the coast you would think otherwise. Russ and Stacey live in their 2010 Palomino Ultra-light RV. This is their first time being work campers, and they do an awesome job cleaning the cabins & park model. His favorite thing about being a work camper is “Meeting new & wonderful folk”. Least favorite, “cleaning those cabin lofts & early no notice check in’s!” Russ takes his job, no matter what that role is at the time, seriously and does it well. His desire is to one day star in the “Walking Dead” series, and knowing Russ, I’m sure he will achieve it.


Russ & Stacey  relaxing outside their RV.



Our 4th Work Camper we are Getting to Know is David Shoaf. David is a major team player of the park maintenance team. He is dedicated to the park and follows our mission statement. David Shoaf was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (The home of Arnold Palmer and Rolling Rock Beer) and grew up in Northeastern Ohio since he was 2 years old. Most of his childhood he lived in Painesville, Ohio. This is where he met and married his wife Denise. They met in 1963 as young teens, grew up together, got married and raised 3 children. Their children Richard, Davina & Timothy are all married. David & Denise have seven grandchildren, 5 boys and 2 girls. Some of us have met their sons, Rich & Tim. They both reflect how they were instilled with kindness, and respect from David. They visit their daughter Davina while they “snowbird” in Florida, as she lives in Crestview, Florida. Before becoming a work camper, David spent 15 years as a Correctional Officer & Supervisor. Prior to this David devoted almost 21 years in the U.S Air Force as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician. He retired in 1991 with the Supervisor rank of Master Sergeant. David has been work camping since 1999, most of which has been at the Big Oak RV Park in Tallahassee FL. The last 3 years they divided their “snowbird” seasons between Tallahassee in the late fall & winter and Creekwood Farm in spring & summer. David is an avid gun enthusiast and sportsman. He enjoys hunting, fishing and woodworking. His talent is crafting items by repurposing wood pallets, glass bottles, and other discarded items. His philosophy is “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Denise has developed a cute “Rock Garden” of painted rocks that she and the grandchildren have designed. They have traveled all over the United States with the exception of Alaska and the New England states. David enjoys all the mountain areas, whether it’s the Cascade Mountains, the Rockies or the Great Smoky Mountains. They enjoy traveling on “Ruby” their Honda Goldwing Trike. Taking on the twists and turns of the Blue Ridge Parkway and scenic roadways is pure pleasure. David said the Smoky Mountains is his favorite vacation spot and one of the reasons he keeps coming back to Creekwood. David & Denise reside in their 2015 Keystone Fuzion, 5th Wheel Toy hauler, with Ginger their 9 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi fur baby. One time while camping in a prior pop-up trailer, in April 1979, in North Dakota they woke up to over a foot of fresh snow. The kids didn’t care too much for cleaning off all the snow to pack up camp and make the treacherous drive home in the snow. No matter what the rig, weather or location they always had fun and made memories. When asked what is his favorite food and does he like to cook, David said “Anything that Denise cooks is my favorite food. She is a great cook so I leave the cooking to my expert.” David said he does better in grilling something if needed. One of the most daring & outrageous things he ever did was in his pre-teen years. Involving a hatchet, milk bottle lid, a finger, a dare with 2 kids to see who was quicker, the one with the hatchet or the one with their finger on the lid. David lost that dare, ended up with stitches and a scar to his left index finger. He said his mother was VERY upset that day. David came from a large family, he is the baby of 10 children, and was an uncle years before he was even born. Sadly he said there are only four of them left now. David feels the best part of being a work camper is meeting and talking with people from all over the country. He enjoys hearing guests tell of all the places they have been and to share his journey with them. He enjoys helping a guest solve a problem with their RV. He takes pride in our park grounds, keeping the grass green & lush and weeds the park vegetable garden. He does his part in keeping the park functioning smoothly. His least favorite thing about the job is getting out in the inclement weather such as a downpour, but says sometimes you just got to smile and press on. Most days you will find him with his hat on, a toothpick in his mouth, a pen stuck behind his ear, and working in the barn or around the park. If you have David as your friend, you have a friend that you can always depend on!David Shoaf and his wife Denise are full time RV’ers with a lot of miles on their journey paths.

Our 3rd work camper we are Getting To Know is Carol Nicholas. Carol works in the front office and is a unique & interesting lady to know.  Now meet Carol.

Carol was born in Jamaica, NY and grew up on Long Island, New York. She graduated from Hauppauge High School in 1967. She met her future husband at Smith’s Point Beach on Long Island the summer of 67, after she graduated. Carol and Eugene {Nick} got married 13 months later in September 1968. Carol worked 30 years as a registered nurse and retired in 2010. They have three grown children, Lora, Paul and Jennifer. They have six precious grandchildren. They live closest to their youngest daughter, Jennifer, and stay busy with their grandsons Jed and Jayce attending the boys baseball & football games and Tai Kwon Do. They moved their family to Coral Springs, FL from Shoreham, NY in 1984. Nick retired from Broward County in 2007 as the Director of Utilities, Water and Waste Water. They were fortunate to enjoy a townhouse in Islamorada for 15 years, and on Fridays made the mad dash to the Florida keys for the weekend. Carol loves to go boating and fishing. She got the love of being on the water as a child from her parents and passed this passion on to their children. They have wonderful fishing memories that range from Alaska to the Florida keys. When asked where her favorite vacation place is, Carol had trouble deciding on one favorite place because they have taken so many varied and wonderful vacations. The two of them have been RV’ing for the past 11 years. Carol said their trip to Alaska, in their very first RV, was by far the most memorable and adventurous! Costa Rica also ranks high as an adventurous trip. They went wild water tubing, horse back riding and zip lining, all in one day. They visited a hot mud spa at the end of that day, “it helped get the numerous kinks out after the zip lining.” In 2015 they went on vacation to Italy and Malta, which was by far “mesmerizing”. Carol loves to cook and try new recipes. Nothing makes her happier than to have her house filled with all their children and grandchildren, especially for the holidays. Their current home is in Crawfordville, Florida on two acres of property. She plants a winter vegetable garden each fall and reaps the rewards of fresh lettuces, arugula, kale and collards all winter. They thoroughly enjoy their current Montana 5th wheel that they share with their fur-baby, Nola. Nola is a 2 year old Shih Tzu and very spoiled. They have been visiting Creekwood Farm since 2010 but this is Carol’s first year as a work camper. She is enjoying working in the office and the experience of meeting the guests. As part of this interview Carol was asked “What is the most daring & outrageous thing you have ever done”? “That is a tough one to answer because there have been many. Perhaps buying and riding my motorcycle in my 40’s might qualify”! {Yes Carol being a motorcycle mama qualifies.} The happy couple will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2018, another major milestone! However Nick is requesting a year off for good behavior!

Our 2nd work camper we are highlighting in Get to Know Us,  is David Casas. David and his wife Joyce are a part of our cleaning team. The following article is about David and how his journey in life brought him to Creekwood Farm RV Park.
“Get to Know Us”
David Casas was born in Augusta, Georgia at Camp Gordon and grew up as an Army brat. After his father was wounded in the Korean War and was recovering in Georgia he met David’s mother and they were married. Shortly after David was born the family moved to Chicago where he grew up. David’s father was a boxer in the service so David got a hands on lesson on how to defend himself, want it or not! The lessons in boxing proved to be a good thing, because growing up on the south side of Chicago was not easy! To stay out of trouble David spent his teenage years in the Boy Scouts Organization and advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout! After graduating from high school David moved to Georgia at the age of 18, after his father passed away. He enjoys hiking, running and being in the outdoors. He will take every opportunity to relax in the woods, go camping and seeks out the hiking trails. Being a part of nature and outside have always been a major part of his life, heart & soul. David’s first real job was a Fireman for the city of  Macon, Georgia. He worked there for several years and became the cook for a double company fire station. The fire station is where he learned to make drop biscuits, 72 at a time! Still today he can make a mean biscuit that we all love & enjoy here in the park. David then worked on the fire department Ladder Truck #33, as the driver. He said that was a fun job, first in, last out! As a firemen he worked 24hr shifts every other day so he had a lot of time off to pursue other full time jobs or trades. That was when he was introduced to the Heat and Air & Appliance repair business. David worked both jobs until he was seriously hurt on duty at the Fire Dept. He had a serious spinal injury and after a series of surgeries and some neat metal parts installed, he had to give up his job as a fireman. He then concentrated on fixing appliances and heating and air units. David and Joyce  have been married going on 25 years now and have four children, two hers and two his, and have seven grandchildren. David retired about four years ago at the age of 62. Since retirement he has volunteered at State Parks in Georgia and “goofing off” as he calls it. When his wife Joyce was transferred to Asheville, NC. with her job as a General Manager with Extended Stay Hotels, David decided he would become a work camper. David & Joyce have been at Creekwood Farm working as part of the cleaning crew for about a year and a half. Joyce helps him when she is not at work in Asheville. David takes great pride in the area he works, in cleaning the restrooms and clubhouse. His belief for his approach to his duties are too ensure that the facilities are top notch clean, just like a fire station chief would approve. This is one of the calling card’s that brings our guests back to us time after time. David said the hardest and least liked part of his job should be easily guessed! woof-woof!!

                                         David & Joyce Casas

Our first “This Is Us” is about one of our most dedicated and loyal work campers, Mr. Calvin Parham.
Calvin was born in Asheville North Carolina and grew up in Leicester N.C. He is married to Sue, (one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet). Sue is a retired school teacher, and we all call her “Nonnie”. Calvin retired from Norfolk Southern Railway as an Engineer in 2007. For many years after retirement Calvin and Sue enjoyed traveling on their Honda Goldwing motorcycles until upgrading to an RV. They traveled with their RV for a few years, but since 2013 Calvin has enjoyed being a work camper at Creekwood Farm RV Park. In his spare time Calvin enjoys playing his upright bass and guitar. He enjoys trout fishing in our beautiful Jonathan Creek. Together they enjoy spending time with their wonderful family and twin great grand daughters Ryleigh and Braelyn, who will be 4 in July. Calvin is always willing to help around the park anyway he can. One day you may see him mowing and the next day he’s installing an air conditioner. He enjoys the experience of interacting with other RV’ers and never meets a stranger. Calvin takes pride in our park and in his work camper duties. He is a lead part of the Maintenance & Grounds Team and works very hard in making our park shine. Calvin & Sue have a home in Asheville, but spend most of their time living at Creekwood Farm in their 2015 Flagstaff RV. Calvin is also a great cook, and makes the best biscuits & gravy. His favorite food is fresh trout from Jonathan Creek, but Nonnies cooking and cornbread is hard to beat! Calvin says his least favorite thing about work camping is “weed wacking on a blazing hot day!”
  Thank You Mr. Parham for all you do for us, the park and our guests at Creekwood Farm RV Park, you are VERY much appreciated!
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, child, shoes and outdoorCalvin & Sue with the twins.

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